To combat solitude, mix with like-minded peers who might share interests with us, to enjoy the togetherness side of it, to keep busy, boost our morale, and keep both our body and mind active, to avert elderly-associated illness, or else find ways to enjoy life despite the age-related illness we seniors might have, what leisurely activities do we expect elderly care centres to provide us with?

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I'm an Activity Director at an Assisted Living. We do bingo, trips around the world without leaving the facility, Hymn Sing, Church, Bible Study, outings to museums, zoos, libraries, Men and Lady's Day Out. Also shop for flowers and our vegetable for the gardens, tea parties, beer and pretzels, wine and cheese, birthday parties, holiday parties, and we make up parties. We have Western Day, Dress Crazy Day, PJ parties and any other crazy things you can think of.

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