Have husband and wife team, wife caring for her mother in home, and husband in nursing home and they do not qualify for Medicaid. What can we do to help them find out those minimums and what to do next.

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1. Who says they don't qualify for Medicaid? Financially, or medically?
2. If someone is telling them "you make too much" to get Medicaid, the solution is often a "Miller Trust (a shared income trust, where the excess income reverts to the State after death. Takes an eldercare lawyer to set this up).
3. If there is a "community spouse"--one living NOT at the nursing home, this all becomes more complex and even more reason to find a highly qualified Eldercare attorney who is well-versed in Medicaid.
4. Understand that Medicaid has a "spousal non-impoverishment" provision--they DON'T want to throw the spouse who is not in care into poverty, so more than half of the income stream may be preserved for the spouse, as can some assets.
5. The home and one vehicle are non countable assets. Don't let ANYONE tell them to sell the house without very careful consideration of what impact that will have upon Medicaid eligibility.
6. Again, they need to see a QUALIFIED Eldercare attorney. Not cousin Joe's friend's son-in-law who does real estate.

You need to consult a lawyer experienced in Medicaid in your state as well as community spouse allowances. Medicaid coverage varies by state. Services available vary by state. You don't give your location, so start with area agency of aging to get some names or bar association referral.

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