This is a time of joy, and happiness!

For all of us as Caregivers, we deserve a big Thank you.
Without all of us, there would be a world of people helpless.

This is a time to be joyous for the work that we do.
Regardless of the negative, let us focus on the positive.

Aging care has been so incredibly helpful for me.

Thank you to all,

I am going to volunteer my time assisting a Domestic Violence unit in our area, and serving woman and children. That makes me feel like I am fulfilling a really great cause.

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Pamstegma, I'm with you. I love a mimosa! I haven't had one in a long time. I gave up drinking except for special occasions. This holiday season sounds like a good time to indulge. I also love a nice spicy, Bloody Mary. Yum.

I have a friend whose mother was in AL with dementia for over 10 years. Every Christmas and New Year's Day she took her mimosas! Her mom didn't communicate really, but she loved her mimosas! That's a bright memory for my friend to this day. Her mom died about 6 years ago.

I will enjoy decorating for my parents, who are aging and not up to doing all the things the way they used to do. (My mom likes a tree in each room! I'm not kidding.) We already have three up!

I also will decorate my cousin's room, who is in Memory Care as well as a sweet lady down the hall from her who doesn't seem to have any one in her life. (no cards, no decorations, or personal items at all.) I got her cable tv set up, flowers, pretty pictures on the walls, etc. I've decided to go with holly berries, green ivy and snow men theme. My cousin has always been partial to Christmas penguins, though, I don't think she notices anymore. But, that's okay.

I'll wrap gifts for my cousin and her friend in Memory Care. It's more fun for me than them, I'm pretty sure. I'll also make fudge and other treats for the director and a few staff members.

When mom was living with us in the last year of her life, I looked forward to holidays because it gave us a good reason to seriously change up our routine. And to cheat on least in mom's case. She was on a low salt diet. On holidays, we cheated big time

I think caregivers fall into a rut of routine -- for good reason. Life is easier that way when caring for someone who needs constant attention.

I enjoy Mimosas (champagne and orange juice) on Christmas at brunch. The more relatives who show up, the more mimosas I pour.

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