This is a few years back when mom could go out with us. Most of you know that I live in New Orleans. There is no shortage of good food here! Most of you know that I love to cook but every cook needs a break sometimes.

It was one of those times when I said, let’s go out but didn’t feel like eating at our usual spots. Don’t get me wrong I love Louisiana cuisine. It’s delicious! But I was craving sushi and thought it would be a treat for mom to sit at the sushi bar and watch the sushi chef do his magic! My husband warned me, he said, “No! Don’t do this. My daughters said, “Mom, are you crazy? You can’t do that to grandma!” I insisted it would be something different and fun. Well, my lovely family let me prove it to myself that I was wrong. Let me tell you I was dead wrong! 😂 hahaha

I knew she wouldn’t eat the raw sushi like me but I thought she would enjoy what we would get for take out for her when we picked up sushi for us, the shrimp tempura, but still enjoy watching the sushi chefs.

Oh my God, she got so grossed out she couldn’t eat! LOL. My husband and daughters looked at me and said, “We tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen and now you have traumatized her about Japanese food!”

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My AUNTIE who is about to be 102 yrs, old , who has severe short term memory loss. On one occasion when I was visiting, she asked to go to rest room. I assisted her since she was in a wheel chair,helped her back to bed,and she stated she had to go again, so back to the bath room again, no results, as I helped her back into bed,she informed she really had to go this time.
When we got to the bath room, she asked "What we doing in here''? By the time I got her back into bed,I was exhausted and sat down with a deep sigh. she looked at me and stated you must be worn out. We looked at each other and laughed.

Katie, oh my gosh! That certainly is worse than me traumatizing my mom by taking her to the sushi bar!

KatieKate, that made me laugh! It’s so similar to something that might happen here!

Dumbest thing that happened. It wasn't me, but still dumb

My Dad had explosive diarrhea for years. (Swallowing Prilosec every day does that). my Dads new caregiver felt really bad that Dad claimed to have not had a bowel movement in more than a week....being very new to everything...she took his word for it and brought him a laxative!!

the result was an unbelievable mess everywhere....he left no room or carpet untouched.

guess who spent her shift cleanup that disgusting mess? Went and rented a carpet steamer. She was quite friendly and cheerful about it....but stayed till it was all clean, including the shower and all the towels.

She was warned that he had profound dementia....but I know it is a hard thing to really understand till you see it in action, and he was really good at putting on a good show. I still giggle over her being snookered in my him.

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