Over the last month, my mother's dementia has gone from somewhat normal and steady, to an almost overnight decline. She is convinced that she is keeping children, animals are there that aren't there, and that people have been at the house that have not. Although she has been on Aricept and Namenda now for almost a year, we are concerned about what the medications are doing more than what they are not doing. I've done some research on the Namenda, and have found out that patients on this drug are more confused and do experience hallucinations. I would truly appreciate any feed back or experience anyone has had from this drug and stopping this medication. We are so confused over the almost over night decline, and are trying to make the best decisions we can. Thank you for your input.

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Thank you LynnPO - we've had her at her regular doc with all kinds of tests and bloodwork and ruled out the UTI and any other underlying infection. We were hoping that something like that may pop up, but so far it hasn't. Her neurologist also put her on Seroquel just a couple of weeks ago to help out with the anxiety at bedtime. So far - it has not helped. And after doing some research on this medication, I really don't think she needs to be on it either.

Before assuming its a drug reaction or drug interaction - PLEASE, PLEASE take her to the doctor to rule out a urinary tract infection or something else. If it's something "fixable" then the longer you wait the more chance that it's irreversible decline.
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