Blood is thicker than water. But I was very professional, she was very rude, This was on October 4th, and her sister would not acknowledge me.

I was as polite as I could be, and she was outside, asking all the nurses what I really did there, they must have been very honest, because she came back to me the next day and apologized, and did not realize the hours and impact I had on Suzanne's life. Yes the sister that lived 12 miles away and never visited until 2 days before she passed on.

The sister invited me to a FAMILY ONLY get together and stated that i was the only non family member invited because of my love and dedication to her sister.

Yes, blood may be thicker than water, but I believe when you are a good, honest person, the reality is, the blood is under a lot of stress when the sister is dying and they had not spoken for years.

I was very pleased, honored, and then to find out both my husband and I were in the will, just was to me a very peaceful ending!

Now, to do it over again, just a different family different situations.

Wish me luck.


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Livelifefull, what a wonderful outlook you have on life. When the time comes for my parents to need extra help, I hope to find someone just like you :)

I wanted to say, that today, I worked for a family for 7 hours, and it was peaceful, joyous, and I know I put myself in good working situations, so I know better than to walk in to someone's house, and do it my way. I have learned very much from doing this for 9 years, and very much of the credit goes out to all of you. Thank you fellow aging members for teaching me, mentoring me, guiding me, and holding me up when I was very weak. This is not an easy job, any care giving job, always has its challenges, but "thank you" and those of you know who you are. At times I felt you were being critical, but you were being honest, and that is what I needed. Thank you for being there in the middle of the night, when I was exhausted from working 16 hour days, wondering how I could turn around the very next day and start at 5:00am, but I did, that is the power of prayers in my life right there. Bless all of you, forever and always!!! Debbie

Yes, I will, as far as the exception. Truly, and I am not a person that downgrades anything, but she was a person that people ran from, because at first in her 7 months, she was extremely demanding, and I did manage to look past that and look inward to the beauty of her personality. She was a very wonderful woman, but she always said she was the black sheep. Her biological mother diet at her birth, and that was very traumatic for her. But, I am so glad and fortunate that I was blessed and thought enough to be cared about, (in the end), (to be told I was loved), but believe me there were storms in the middle. and I was hanging on for dear life to my life raft.

She challenged every rule there was, and she knew that regardless of how she challenged me, I would always just silently look and smile. A smile to a woman that is dying in pain goes a thousand miles.

Some days ere good, some were horrible, and the last two weeks were probably the best of her 7 month's of life. She was ready. Yes I was blessed, but I want to tell you.

I went to one of by new jobs today and it is about 12 hours per week, and it was wonderful. This is not eldercare, young children and being a "professional organizer" for the woman.

Caregiving is about being a giving person and there is not always a round peg to fit in a round hole. Sometimes, we have to work on it, adjust it, give in, do as the client wants, and remember they hired us, and always thing of their needs, wants a desires.

Really, All, she wanted to do was learn how to laugh, love and smile. I know that she learned that through me. I am just a woman that wants to make a difference.

I have the natural talent, and it took off from there.

Just like the job I started today. Much different, working for a woman this is going to school to be a Geriatric Doctor, i

Thank you Suzanne, for teaching me so many things that I did not know, and realized I learned the hard way, and that is a good way to learn certain things. You always said "thank you" after you asked me to get something or do something, however, somewhere in your life, early on, you learned to complain about everything. Towards the last days of your life, I watched your body totally accept almost anyone and Suzanne, that was the beginnning of learning to unconditionally love one another.

Blessings to you,

Your blessed caregiver

I hope you find another positive situation but don't be disappointed if your next job isn't exactly like this one. As I'm sure you know this is the exception and not the rule. But I'm so glad you had a great experience and this lady was lucky to have you. I'm sure you'll miss her very much.

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