Been a long long month... Like writing a book and the next chapter has begun in dealing with a facility an hour and a half away. Which is why I am moving her...
Bedbugs were found in mom's room. I have learned more about these things then I ever care to learn. I know they are hitchhikers and cannot be prevented. The facility mom is in has protocols. They moved her to another room after what mom views "they kidnapped me, stripped me naked, gave me a shower and won't let me get my things" This was a approx a month ago. We finally were allowed to pick up the items that were treated after a locked room, bagged items, thermal treatment, chemical foam, and silica powder treatment of the room and adjoining areas. Been demanding a report ("we don't get reports, only left a receipt") asked for phone number of the technician that did the treatment (crickets). FINALLY tracked him down my contacting the company's corporate office. AF said the infestation was confined to the mattress and box springs...Tech answer when I asked him how bad was the infestation "pretty extensive, not the worst I have seen, but it was pretty bad. It was all over the place. The room had a lot of clutter and due to its small area they had lots of places to hide" I was aware of mom's clutter, but covid has prevented my downsizing as I had planned to do . My mom likes to move little things around and given my DOH and CDC research, this will increase the spread. I am not blaming the facility for bedbugs, they could have come in on staff or been there hiding (did you know they can live for over a year without feeding and that female bedbugs don't need a male to reproduce? Yeah..I told you I know more about these things than I EVER care to know) But they naturally tried to blame me and my SIL. "They came in on boxes you brought in" but neither of us have them and I have since been pushing back with my research. Pets can be a carrier, boxes, shoes, mom even with her STM loss and confusion (yeah I told her why they moved her and the facility was not pleased) had a possibility that I hadn't thought of "couldn't they move around in a sweeper? And why am I the only one, they took my clothes down for laundry every week?" Bingo!
Now for the real reason I am "tad annoyed"
Mom has a pacemaker that requires a remote monitor that is connected to the tech site where she had her surgery. They monitor and can make adjustments to her heart when she sleeps. If the device has not checked in after a period of time they send alerts. Unfortunately I dropped the ball and was not monitoring her online MyChart account and missed a notification, but I was fighting the AF on the bedbug updates, mom's "I want my things" and trying to work with an uncooperative facility who is protecting their "rep" and stonewalling me. When they moved mom into her new room I personally talked with the head nurse that her monitor needed to be moved so her cardiologist could keep track of her heart. guess didn't happen. I found it in a storage stool when sorting mom's stuff. Then I started sleuthing and in a video they had sent PER MY INSISTANCE so I could decide what to move into her new room and what to move out, I noticed the device was unplugged in her bathroom sink a week after I had spoken with the nurse. Then I saw the alert to mom's account. We immediately called the facility. I was so mad my husband did the talking..we drove hour and a half to take the monitor. He delivered it with instructions on how to make sure it was connected. I called later to make sure the device was operating and the nurse on duty checked and said yes. But I also emailed her cardiologist and explained the situation and to let me know they are getting a signal since I can't trust them to follow thru. LOTS more to this story. And while the new director was called about this she has yet to call back...after all it's not a weekday.

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I am so sorry you’ve had to learn about bedbugs!!
Be proud of yourself for making it thru that and the forgetting the heart monitor thing. I don’t know that I wouldn’t have had a nervous breakdown! Certainly wouldn’t have had the brain function to write about it!! ;@
And sorry, but it made me grateful that I didn’t have those problems in my life this past month.
Big virtual hugs from the desert, where it’s already mid-80s at 10am.


So sorry about the bed bugs and other issues.

You are a fantastic advocate for your mom!

Your mom is blessed that she has you in her corner.

Oh, my goodness! I’m so sorry! Bedbugs! What a thing to deal with, when you’re more than an hour away!
Then, the monitor! Gaaaah!
Soooo much to deal with!

Big hugs to you!

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