This week there was a family crisis. My step mother with Alz who lives with my 95 year old Dad had a violent Alz episode and had to be taken to a home for evaluation to see if she can stay with my Dad. He is crying and can't accept the Alz or the idea of being alone.

During this crisis I came to see the things in our dysfunctional family that I can be grateful for.
1. I am healthy. Yay!
2. Mom has problems but no Alz. She can still take care of herself, for the most part.
3. Dad is still here at 95. Relatively ok.
4. My step sister is an amazing mother, person, caregiver!
5. I am grateful my step family can be there for my Dad when I cannot.
6. My brother doesn't offer much, but I notice the strengths and wisdom he offers in emergencies.
7. I am grateful for those moments of real communication of love that do happen, even if it ain't much.
8. I see the unique gifts of every member in our clan and am grateful for all of them, including myself.
9. I am glad that I can feel a little bit of God's love and presence.
10. I am grateful for living in America and having what I have.

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Grateful for the sun shining on the snow, and for blue skies, for my home and many material blessings,Grateful for my kids, in laws, and grands. Grateful for G who is an oasis of calm in the midst of insanity. Even grateful for my mother and the good things that were few among the others, but still important to me. Working on being grateful for my sis from whom and mother. I have learned the importance of setting and keeping boundaries. Grateful for my faith and my God who I know is in charge, who watches over me and turns all things for good.

I am grateful for each day and every good thing that goes with it.

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