Well I went to see my father today at the VA home he's in...he was asleep when we got there but we woke him up cause it was time for lunch. He gets so frustrated trying to talk, it gets all jumbled up and we have to get him to repeat things sometimes 5 times just so we can understand him.

He asked my sister how my husband was and Suzanne told him she didn't know he was my husband. I guess if he's going to forget who I am at least he's keeping it to his daughters...

Either way it was a good visit, I found out he has been going to physical therapy - I was so happy to hear that! Right when we were leaving, he told us he wanted to get up so he could go see momma (who wasn't there today) and we had to explain to him again that she was home sick. Strange how we can all remember lyrics to a song we heard 50 years ago but can't remember what happened 5 minutes ago.

It's very sad to see him like this, it breaks my heart to know he may not recognize me one day....I believe that will be the day my heart dies. He was a son of a bitch years ago and I'd give anything to have those years back!

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Lacey, read up on everything regarding memory lost, as it is so important to know what may be coming around the corner.

And whatever you and your sister do, do not correct Dad. That will only frustrate him even more. Just agree with him, that will be a win-win for everyone.

Unfortunately, it is current memories that go first. My Dad could remember everything back 1940 and back but couldn't remember his caregivers names.

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