We didn't know we would be taking care of my mother in our home before our remodeling project occurred. We have all brand new doors, walls coverings, painted rooms, and flooring in our home.

Since my mother has arrived the caregiver has skinned the walls, took off the veneer from the bathroom cabinets (that never had a mar on them), rounded the corners of the rooms, frayed the oak wood trim door casings, cracked our bathroom floor tile, nicked up our occasional tables, and dining room set corners (there is enough room to get by). This occurred by ramming the wheel chair into these objects and not "driving" carefully.

How do we recoup the cost of these repairs, or aren't we able to?

This is kind of disheartening when we put time and money into making our house the way we wanted it for the rest of our life - we're nearing our 60's.

Thank you for hearing and any replies--

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Why have you settled on this apparently careless care giver? Get someone else, for heaven's sake. If you've spoken to her about hitting the wheelchair on furniture, walls and door frames, and she's still doing it? There's something wrong with her.

As for getting reimbursed? If you hired through a service, perhaps you would have been able to get reimbursed the FIRST time, but an ongoing problem you didn't mitigate? Good luck.

Those are just material things that can be fixed. You cannot recoup the cost, if one could, every household that has children who be signing up.

My pets aren't all that user friendly on my home, and I am pushing 70 years old, but the enjoyment I get from them is worth every mark on the wall or scratch on the food floors :)

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