I am fortunate to be living in a fantastic city for music. I went to the very first Jazz and Heritage Festival here in New Orleans. This year is the 50th anniversary! The very first one held I participated on a school field trip. Have been hooked ever since! Have been just about every year.

It’s the one day I beg my brother to stay with mom so I can go. Can’t beat the music! Food vendors are fantastic and top notch artists in the arts and crafts section. So much fun! I am so ready for a day away! Hubby is going, my daughters and I am meeting my friends there.

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Jazz Fest was wonderful! Was so good to get away all day! My husband and children enjoyed it too.

Thanks kwagmyers,

I plan to enjoy every minute! No caregiving, cooking, cleaning or any other responsibility 😊.

Sounds like a blast! Enjoy every single minute of your day.

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