It's very difficult to see a loved one decline, and hard to imagine being without them. I got some relief after visitng the potential final resting place at a local funeral home, and made arrangements for both of us. All my questions were answered and I felt comfortable that the final arrangements were in good hands. That visit help me accept the inevitable . . . a very important step in living with a loved one fading away. Now I can concentrate on living and loving the best way I can. So what if I have to answer the same question 50 times. That's better than not having any questions at all, and I plan to make the most of any time left. All te best to everyone..

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Your smart to get what is inevitable dealt with. Last time I checked there are still no IMORTALS on earth. I think it's the self arrogance or narcissism that we don't want to ever believe we will die. Like they say LIFE IS SHORT...and it is so true. You do see some enlightenment on the mistakes our family members make about death and dying. My parents never brought it up...never talked about wills, nor plots, nor burial, nor funeral services. NADA. So when it came suddenly that my dad became ill and passed away we did not know know what to do. All my mom could say was "he did not want to get thrown into a hole" I said...well the only other solution to that is that's what we did. My mother at 86 and declining all these 12 years since my dad died, never made a mention I will do the same with her. Wierd how some folks never learn from others or life or mistakes and others heed well. I am glad you took the time to do things right. Thanks for your best wishes and same back to you!

"the other day in the cafeterial a fellow ahead of me decided if he should get the fries or not...he decided to get them...I said heck life is short get them, you might as well eat now, cause you won't eat but mush when your old. He said he did take care of his dying mother a year ago...but yet my concept was lost on him...hmmm. I am ordering fries when I want them..not all the time mind you...but I am not going to deny myself...because why...because LIFE IS SHORT"

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