Alzheimers disease should be watched out. Do you know that this kind of disease steal the people's memories every year including their ability, personalities, and even their whole daily activities? The 'nun study treatment' I've found in Google said that in later stages, the condition may become uncontrollable. The possible of loss of control of functions in the body is one of the most horrific results of Alzheimer. If you have relatives who have Alzheimer, it's advisable that they are always taken care of since this is a consuming disease. Alert a therapeutic professional especially if you observe that one of your love ones begin suffering the symptoms of depression.

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Indeed! Alzheimer’s is such a risky illness. It is a hereditary too so having a member of the family that had Alzheimer’s is possible that we could have it too. A high risk factor of having this is being hereditary. So it’s time to check our family background to know if we had a family member who have an Alzheimer’s. And as I read at the ‘nun study treatment’ depression can cause us to have Alzheimer’s too. So let’s prevent from being depressed because we might develop Alzheimer’s. A healthy living may be a good way to slow down the process of the Alzheimer’s to occur.

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