My mother was placed in memory care in May of 2018. She got a medical miracle from God. Upon entering the doctor mandated memory care. Her memory had improved so much in 2019 they said she could leave memory care and enter the other part of the nursing home. My mother didn't want to leave this area as she had one nurse that was her favorite. Since Covd hit we have only been able to communicate via phone. In our last conversation she told me they had placed her on a nebulizer treatment. I asked why? She stated at times it was hard for her to breathe especially at night. I called the next day to check on her and was informed everyone was staying in their rooms and they refused to let me speak with her. (By the way I now know they were obligated to let me speak with her.) I ask the nurse or CNA about my mother said she was fine. I ask about the nebulizer treatments. This person seemed surprised she was even on a nebulizer and we talked for nearly 16 minutes. She promised to check on my mother after the call. According the Progress Notes after we hung up the phone nothing was done for my mother. My mother died 2 days later. In the vital records section shows nothing had been charted for those 3 days except her temperature. After receiving these records I read every word. I found in the cancelled orders for my mother that she had been diagnosed with Fluid over load in her lungs 4 days prior to her death. It was at the bottom of one page and small amount at the top of the next page. I do believe in my heart they intended to delete it. But missed doing so. My mother's last words were "I CAN'T BREATHE". Upon reviewing the records I discovered she had fallen in January of this year. I spoke with my mother that day around 2PM and she fell around 4 PM. They state I was called but my phone records prove otherwise. It also states they gave her pain medication shortly before the fall. Had they contacted me I could have told them she was allergic to pain medication.
Shortly after my mother's death I spoke to the Director of the Nursing Home. He stated in looking at her medical records (which I did not have at that time) that all he could see she had been treated for was constipation.
My mother's body was embalmed before I could request an autopsy. I ask the Funeral Director what was the cause of death. They had not given him one. He did state that they have verbally told him she tested negative for Covid. We did not receive a death certificate until one month after her death. They have listed her death as Alzheimer's, Dementia, Hypertension and Hypothrodism. My mother did not stop breathing due to Alzheimer's! As for the Dementia she hadn't had any hallucinations and had forgotten all about the one's in the past.
After filing my initial complaint with Health Department that investigates nursing homes. I was told because I could not prove anyone else was in danger and my mother was dead, they would not investigate until after this pandemic is over which could be as long as a year from now. After calling and e-mailing daily for nearly 6 weeks. Finally spoke with a supervisor and told her I would take my story to the news media. They have since went into investigate. I don't know what the outcome will be as we have not received their report. I just want to warn anyone who has a loved that suddenly passes away in a nursing home. Please request their entire medical chart and read it carefully. These 700 plus pages cost me nearly $200.00. I'm just glad it wasn't more and that I had the money to purchase them.
I pray this might save someone else's loved one! We trust these nursing homes to give the care that we can not provide at home and to inform us of changes in health conditions. They even refused to let me come say my good byes after her death said I could see her at the funeral. If I had all of this to do over. I would have went in and checked on her even if it would have resulted in jail time!
God Bless
A grieving daughter!

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I’m so sorry! What a cruel tragedy. I pray that God will comfort you.

That is criminal. This type of stuff I hear too much of, and it's out loved ones, but this society pushes them to the side.

Alzheimer patients often die from aspiration pneumonia, meaning that due to the nature and progression of this disease the person can have difficulty swallowing and subsequently aspirate the food/fluid into their lungs causing aspiration pneumonia and fluid in the lungs.
Her passing could have been from end stage Alzheimer’s.

OMG! That is horrible!!!....I just recently had to put my Mother in a rehab facility in Los Angeles. I live in South Carolina and someone called me and said my Mother was very ill....Well considering we talked every Sunday she never let on that something was wrong. I flew out immediately and as soon as I saw her called 911. I am back in South Carolina due to having to work, take care of my home and other responsibilities...She has advance stage 4 cancer in her pelvic region which has traveled through the fluids in her stomach and lungs, in addition to a blood clot in her left leg. She cannot walk and had not left her apartment since March. The rehab facility is a joke!!!! Run by children who really don't give a matter how compassionate they sound. It takes me anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes to reach the nurses station so I can check up on her. I needed her to sign a POA so that I could at least take care of her bills, etc and after talking to the social workers for 3 days on how we can make this happen long distance, once they received it they called me back and said it has to be signed by a notary (they don't have ONE friggen notary at the facility!!) and they wont let one in due to the virus. They could have said that within the 3 days we were discussing how to send the POA!!...I feel like my hands are tied and I truly understand your frustration since I am headed in that direction...NOBODAY CARES when you in a low income facility! They have nothing to loose....If I could hire a lawyer I would, but at this point with her apartment lease up and the end of June, the landlord wants all her belonging OUT! and I have no resources to store or go get them.....I PRAY you find peace somehow thought out all this....Your in my multiple prayers.

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