My brother mentioned to Mom’s financial advisor that Mom has dementia. Now he refuses to speak to Mom about her stocks and can’t help us liquidate so we can get her into assisted living.

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Thank you. We met with Mom’s lawyer on Friday and he did turn out to be compassionate. He prepared the POA for us without any difficulty. This simple slip caused a great deal of worry, however. I understand that elders need to be protected, even from themselves sometimes, but it should take more than a simple word of heresay for them to be locked out of their accounts.

Ccertain decent lawyers will try their best to deal with this. If the person is too far gone mentally they might not be able to but if they can find a sliver of reality they could try. A friend of ours had a serious stroke. It took a couple of trys and alot of calm conversations with the spouse and adult children and finally the lawyer felt confident she could enact the POA. It is best to have a lawyer who specializes in elder care law.

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