I know this is important to him. But I want to cry at the thought of her living here. I love our life, and this will turn it upside down. She is a hard person to have visit. I am dreading it. How do I adjust to this? I feel like ai am losing my home.

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Hopefully you and hubby have sat down before now and you have expressed your feelings, and he is supportive of you setting boundries.... if you haven't had that conversation, do it soon, it will save a ton of stress and heartache down the line... and bless you for opening your home and life to hubby's mom....but you loving him has nothing to do with how you and her interact... so let us know what happens, and please come back anytime and vent, shout, cry, laugh, what ever you need to do...sending you lots of hugs and respect for what you are about to delve into....

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