Just needing to vent. This has been one of the longest weeks in my life. They put Mom in the hospital on Monday and the changes in her condition has been great. She has gone from being able to walk with a walker and assistance to only a couple of steps.

They found that she has a (DVT) blood clot that runs down her whole left leg, along with other bone conditions. She has little to nil mobility now.

They sent her to rehab and it is so hard I have took care of my mother since 1999 since my Dad died. Living with her in her home for the last three years.

My heart just broke when we had to leave her there even though they call it rehab it is still a nursing home. I know that she needs the therapy and hopefully it will do some good to help her at minimum get to a point to where we can take care of her at home.
My Mother is a large woman and it is very difficult moving her even with me and my sister both helping.

I know I want her to come home but I just have so much fear. Not knowing if they are going to be able to get her to a point that we can bring her home. Leaving her is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

I feel just so overwhelmed.

Sorry for rambling my head is just so full.

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What does a person do when the person needing aide refuses it constantly? It's frustrates me to no end. I'm here to help her and she refuses to call me on the intercom to make me aware of her needs. And then....she complains about how difficult it is for her. Am I crazy or does anyone else out there get the same thing? We have twon homes on the same property. Mom lives in her own little house, which we completely remodeld to accomadate her needs because she wanted her independence.


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