I've just read a news story slamming the director of a "private retirement home" for removing the door handles from the rooms of some residents who tested positive.

It seems to me that it's a d*mned if you do, d*mned if you don't kind of thing, on the one hand it is unlawful confinement but on the other hand allowing covid positive people with dementia to wander at will has gotten other people fired.

A statement from the CEO says
" if a resident was experiencing cognitive impairment and did not fully understand the measures in place to help combat the spread of COVID-19, other protocols would be put in place, such as wander strips, localized safety alarms and stop signs. These measures would stop a wandering resident,"
I think we all know how well that really works, especially if it isn't backed up by more staff.
Any thoughts?

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Thanks for responding JoAnn, we can always count on you to find the lost posts!

Of course it isn't right to lock people in their rooms, but on the other hand if it was just about fire safety they already ARE locked in their units 🤔😟
Just recently we had a thread where everyone was up in arms about keeping wanderers out of someone's rooms, imagine if the wanderer was also spreading the virus in their wake!
Staff are only human and they can't police the halls 24/7, even during the day shift when staffing levels are higher there are times when they are tending to other people, and of course on the night shift, when sundowning comes into play, there may only be one person.

Taking handles off of doors is a fire hazard. No matter what the reason this is a restraint and close to a prison for a facility that is being paid big bucks to care for someone. Aides are around all the time. Just need to be more alert for people who wander.

But, I do agree damned if u do damned id you don't.

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