I am my brothers guardian. My sister was in disagreement with this decision. My brother let me know that she wouldn't take him on outings any longer, from the nursing home, as she questioned her liability. I sent her a note saying that her relationship was valued and she in no way liable. She responded by letting me know that I didn't need to contact her anymore. Then, she sends me a form to sign releasing her and or her family of liability, hold harmless, that I would not sue or attempt financial gain so she could take him on outings. It appears to be a glorified legaleaze field trip form. Please advise.

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It's certainly unusual, and doesn't say much for your sister that she said you didn't need to contact her anymore. Apparently she feel left out. You can't make her do her part for your brother.

As far as the form goes, just considering her hard feelings, you may want an attorney to look it over before you sign to make sure there is no language that could make you liable in some way. These things can get tricky.


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