And help with their everyday work E.G. Cook and clean.
My class mates and I are doing something called passion project so we have to choose something that would make others feel better about themselves.

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Look in your own neighborhoods. People who need this kind of help are all around us. One other thing that pops in my head is to contact several neighborhood churches. Those clergy who know their parishioners well will likely have more suggestions than you all can handle.

God bless. Wonderful endeavor!

Kelly: Another suggestion is to contact the senior center in your community. They might have some specific projects or people who could use help. I hope your interest in volunteering becomes a lifelong interest. There are so many ways to volunteer, and it seems I have always gotten back more than I gave.

Kelly, how long is this passion project? Sounds great, but I am thinking once you do find an elder to cook and clean for, and your project ends, that would be very disappointing for that elder.

One suggestion would be to contact the local nursing homes in your area, do volunteer work for them like talking to the residents, helping them with projects.... that way you would be dealing with a lot of elders and not having one bond with you.

Another suggestion is to contact your local hospital as they are always looking for volunteers... it can be short term, or long term. You can work in the different departments or work at the front information desk giving directions to visitors who come to the hospital.

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