Norm has been a friend of the family for over 50 years. He and my Dad worked together. After my Dad died, my Mom and he stayed in touch (he gave the best Eulogy at my Dad's service), and we've visited at his home in the Bay area whenever we pass through. He's an incredible man with an incredible mind, and now he's in middle to late stage AD. It's sad to see. Sometimes he couldn't remember who we were, and sometimes he wanted to go home. He repeated the same stories over and over again (they were his favorites, I guess). He never lost his manners, though - always the gentleman, he opened doors for the ladies, and wanted to pick up the check when we went out to dinner. He did have some trouble with the math, though. I hope to see Norm again. I doubt he'll remember me, but I'll always remember him.

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He is definitely a warm soul. One of the few truly good guys. I feel badly for him because his kids are not treating him with the respect he deserves, and it hurts him. They call him a swiss cheese head, because all the information falls out, as well as other derogatory names. He used to be a judge - it hurts him. Such a sweet man.

:( I hope his soul will rest easy on the other side, equillot. It is so sad to lose touch with a good person when this disease sets in. I remember my aunt-in-law. She was a wonderful, warm woman. She stayed the same even when she could no longer walk or talk. Warm souls still shine through.

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