My husband (73) is a Veteran and has diabetes. In 2009 and 2010 my husband had a shoulder replaced and hip replacement.
This started the full blown diabetes II with gaining of weight of 50 lbs.. The Veterans Clinic and Hospital took care of the surgeries. Then, education on the chronic disease with a class he has been in for years called the MOVE class. This is where the doctors, nutrition doctors, and therapist have a television in the class and teaches from the hospital to the clinic in our town.
Once a month.

Recently Dec 2015 we had a new event. Atrial Fib and his heart had to be shocked back into rhythm and put on blood thinner warfarin. All the medicines had to be adjusted.

The help from the Veterans has really given MY HUSBAND the support group he needs to deal with this chronic disease. I have found that I cannot be all things to my husband and take on a care giving role _without a support group_.

That is my saving grace is to realize that long term care giving can stress a care giver out to the point of them becoming sick from not taking care of themselves.

We do have discussions about when my husband gets to the point of where I am not able to care for him he would go in a Veterans Home for care.
These are discussions that need to be talked about. We have his will made out and also living will for the hospital. The directives he is still able to make his decision. I am his a Power Of Attorney.

My husband weighs 260 lbs. and with heart issues if, he would have a stroke
there would need to be in place a plan to his quality of care if, he is not able to
walk, feed himself, bathing,. My husband, is showing signs of short term memory loss which upsets him. He has a sleep apnea machine to pump in oxygen to help his heart. He works in a small garden in the summer for exercise.

I have seen on Aging people who are exhausted and see no hope.
I no it is difficult to put a love one in nursing home. I had to do that with my aging
parents for a couple of years before they pass away. But, without a support group to help you make the difficult decisions. When it is time to place a family member or spouse in a nursing facility and get the much needed help for the caregiver. The support group that come to give the patient or love one the best quality of life towards the end of the Chronic Disease. It is about what is best for them and helping and be there for them coping with a Chronic Disease.

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Hi - just found this looking through diabetes topics. Weight loss is a more popular subject, but the theme could be viewed as the same! Eating right, and excercise which can help an underweight person by encouraging appetite. I hope you found something useful, garden, and thanks for the post shula.

I see the MOVE class is for weight reduction. I misunderstood the purpose of the support group. My father needs to GAIN weight! But I thank you for taking the time to respond to my question.

The MOVE class is the support group? Thanks for the info. I'm going to check it out for our local VA.

My husband goes to the Iowa City Veterans Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa.
We live in Quincy, IL. and the rural VA Clinic here in town has his doctor,
and move class here. Any major issues we ride the VAN 2 hours to go
to the hospital in Iowa City. All of his medical is through the Hospital and
VA Clinic in Quincy, IL.. The Move Class is by the Clinic in Quincy by a
screen tel communications with doctors, therapist, and diet and exercise,
The MOVE CLASS is monthly and check with the VA to refer you to the
support group.

Thank you for this heartfelt and encouraging testimonial to the services the VA can offer. So often the VA is criticized, so it's wonderful to learn that someone is so pleased with the help the VA has offered.

I'm interested in the Support Group; is this within the VA's jurisdiction, or did the VA refer you to another support group?

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