I am talking about reading devices such as hand held or desktop machine that magnifies the print. Does the VA offer this type of equipment? Is it free to vets or does he have to pay to get this type of service? Thanks

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You can contact the Braille Institute, too. Have yourself screened for macular degeneration. They can tell if you will get it in the future. One less thing to worry about.

Saturn - my late MIL was legally blind, macular degeneration, detached retina, etc. Her state (TX) had programs that provided all sorts of extra services for her once she was legally blind - like caregivers that did shopping, housekeeping chores. She had the magnifiying reader. What it looks like is a giant version of a nail polish dryer with a light amplified magnifier on the top and then the book or surface lays down on the lower level. Is somewhat heavy and needs to sit on a table. For her it didn't work for reading but was great for writing checks or looking at documents. She got it for free and technically didn't own it.

I'd contact a LIghthouse for the Blind in your area as the first step in finding out what resources might be out there. If Lighthouse has a store in your area, try to visit it, there is an amazing amount of stuff out there for low-vision folks.

I would think someone would be able to do this for your father. The VA often takes so long to do things. I would consult your area's Agency on Aging to see what may be available. If you are unable to talk to someone there, try your county's Human Resources Division to see if you can speak with a social worker. The social workers know about local resources that are available, including how to tap in to the VA if it will help.

I hope you are able to get him something soon. Losing the ability to read is so sad. My father also loved to read. It was a loss to him when he could no longer do it.

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