Very old posts...


Just came across a post that was 3 yrs old. I wanted to see what finally happened with the "forged POA". Seems that the Mother involved has passed but people keep posting even after a member posts the woman passed a few times. I understand that old threads can help others but isn't there a way to stop the posting after years or even when the OP NEVER responds after they post or stops responding all together. Another thing would be nice is to be able to respond to an individual response to a thread. Many times the original question goes by the wayside because people respond to an members reply/post and other members pick up on that and forget the original question. Gets confusing at times.



AgingCareCM, I love the feature where we can direct our reply to a specific poster! But that only applies in questions, not discussions. It would be useful in both forums.

I'm afraid the selection of "popular" posts may make the problem of resurrection of old posts worse. Apparently the threads that show up there are selected by number of responses. But many posts that were highly active at one time are obsolete now. And who is going to read 911 responses before adding their own response? Many people seem to simply read the question. I don't want to see these posts deleted, but I definitely don't think they should have attention drawn to them by putting them in a category of their own.

I love the improvements to the new format, but I don't think they fully address JoAnn's concern. And many of us share that concern.

AgingCareCM, thank you for the update

JoAnn, I know what you mean. Too many times people will only read the Title and not the body of the post. Thus, they will answer off the Title, even thought a couple years ago the original poster of the question gave an update and everything was solved.

I remember reading for the new Aging Care website forums which will start soon, that threads that are older will still be on-line for reference but "closed" to new comments. So hopefully that will help :) This won't happen to those threads such as the "caregivers acting badly" or "caregivers cats acting badly", etc.

Hi Joann,
We are addressing exactly the issues you mention in the redesign of AgingCare. We've opened the opportunity to explore the new site to all members by clicking "try the New AgingCare" under the header. As we continue to test and respond to feedback we are operating both the new and the classic AgingCare sites in tandem. There are a few new features that are ready to go, but won't function properly until the new site stands alone. The functions you've requested will be available very soon!