I don’t believe God waits.
The topic of Medical community, pharmaceutical is actually the problem.

My grandparents were on not on 14+ medicines for heart, endocrine, lungs, kidneys, etc.
No C-pap, No oxygen concentrator, ......on and on and on and on......

My parents, My Aunts, My Uncles, nobody, ever worried about their parents.

They lived a great life.

Paternal grandfather died at 77 of lung cancer.
Maternal great grandmother lived until 100.

In 2020, they have no less than 4 doctors.

But......teleconference only.

Anything serious ???
Call 911.

But wait!!!! You can’t go into the ER with them!!!!

Sit in your car, the ER will call you if they need you!!!!!!

Last time, I sat in my car over 3 hours, still no call!

What can that ER doc surmise from an 89 year old who can’t recall anything?

Yes, the bloodwork, xrays, will give him a picture.

That won’t tell him steadily declining behavior last few days or weeks.

Do not keep them going with zero quality.
That, is the problem.

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You say you took someone to the ER, given your assertion what was that about?

Has palliative care been discussed or considered? In our own area the ER visits take a great deal more than 3 hours. More like the entire day; in covid-19 times it is best to drop the elder in the ER, make certain intake is done and they are in an area being watched (not the waiting room). Then drive home and await a call for pickup. Covid certainly is complicating everyone's life now in every way. Trust me, the ER will call soon ENOUGH when they want a pickup.
I don't happen to believe in a "God"; but if I am wrong, and there is actually one out there somewhere, I would imagine he or she or it is a bit busy at the moment.
As to modern medicine, we are still creatures with free will. Even those who believe in a God believe that he or she gave humans free will. That includes the free will to choose palliative care at a certain point.
I think we romanticize the "good old days". I had grandparents who died quite gruesome deaths of breast cancer, of heart failure, or alzheimers, with very little medical help. Almost all died at home amidst the heart of the families. And it was quite ruinous to all involved, and with much agony. The end times are never good for those who live too long.

Aremethea -I agree with you. Modern medicine is keeping many people breathing but not living. We, the patients, have to decide for ourselves ahead of time and let our children and doctors know at what point we don't want anymore treatments. And we have to do that in writing when we still have our minds.

Naturally, people are afraid to die. Aren't we all? The will to live is built into our DNA. The mother of a friend of mine told her she wanted to live as long as possible by all means possible and that included feeding tube, breathing tube, anything else necessary to keep her alive. This is her mother's wish even after watching her father being bed ridden on feeding tube and wasting away for more than a year. I just shook my head in disbelief.

The law needs to change to allow patients with dementia to receive assistance to end their lives peacefully and with dignity, if that is the wish of the patients before they lose their minds to dementia.

Who would want their bodies to keep going when their minds are gone and now they become something un-human is beyond me.

Good points.

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