Early yesterday morning Mom was complaining of pains in her abdomen and said she wanted to go to the hospital. Since she has a history of gas I asked her to exercise and see if that would make her feel better. She didn't so I called an ambulance.

They did a CT-Scan and while waiting for the results to come back Mom's heart monitor was unstable so she had an EKG done. A cardio doctor was called and they said they needed to shock her to get her heart stable again.

Right before they were going to shock her, her heart stabilized. They kept her overnight for observation and I was terrified. Not ready to lose my Mom yet.

They mentioned V-fib and they are giving her a medication called Metroprolol.

I spoke with her this morning and she sounded good. I hope I can bring her home today from the hospital.

Just venting because yesterday was really scary!

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Yes, it was A-Fib, not V-Fib (I started watching the beginning episodes of Grey's Anatomy).  Anyway my Mom is taking a very low dose of Metoprolol (beta blocker) and some other medications including 1 baby aspirin daily. 

A visiting nurse came yesterday and she seems fine.  She has an app't with a cardio doctor as well.

It was just really scary and I'm relieved that she is doing good now.  She doesn't even remember she was in the hospital overnight.   I called up some friends that I haven't spoken to in a while and just talking to them helped. 

I have to stop isolating myself from the world which is not easy being a full time caregiver.   I did hire a girl I know and she came last week and sat in the house for 3 hours which gave me a break.  My Mom didn't like it but I told my Mom that this help was for me, not her. 

Thanks again everyone for reading this,

I think u may mean AFib. My husband had his first 33 yrs ago. New baby, it was August so hot and only Fans where he worked, drinking lots of soda. 23 yrs later another one and 4 yrs later his 3rd. He was not put on meds because they found no reason why it happens, maybe stress at the time. He takes one 81mg Baby aspirin a day. And he watches his caffeine intake.

AFib is scary but easy to get under control.

Thanks everyone for your kind and comforting words.  My Mom doesn't have a history of heart problems so this was really surprising to say the least. 

I need to talk to the cardio doctor to find out what caused this to begin with (one doctor thought it was because a hernia in her abdomen popped out and was causing her lots of pain which put extra stress on her heart).  I don't know.

The nurse told me my Mom is doing great, eating and walking around.

Anyway, they are waiting for one more test to come back and if that test is good she can come home and they will be sending nurses to the house to check on her.  I am in the process of changing her regular doctor because he has not helped her and the staff at the Senior Center she was going to recommended a doctor that comes with excellent recommendations.  

I never thought that I would become so close to my Mom but I must face the fact the my Mom is not going to live forever.   I also realize I need a better support system.

Thanks again!  Jenna

It sounds as though it was a shocker of a day, and yes it was scary. I hope it doesn't happen again. A possible terminal heart problem out of the blue is frightening. However do remember that a quick death is a problem for the family who weren't expecting it, but probably the kindest option for the person who passes. Do the best you can, and treasure the time you (and all of us) have left.

I'm so sorry you and your mom went through that. It sounds very scary!

They may want to keep her another day or two to monitor her heart rhythm. I'd make sure she definitely gets the all-clear from the cardiologist before they discharge her. I'd also ask to clarify the med dosage, any special dietary needs/restrictions, exercise recommendations/restrictions, etc.

They'll probably want her to follow up with her regular doctor and a cardiologist within the next few days or weeks after discharge as well.

Hugs to you, I hope your mom gets to feeling better!

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