So today I know I should be excited about getting to spend some time with the super sweet BF my dad refuses to be around now... who knows why?

I'm NOT feeling it. I LOVE my BF, but I am exhausted. I used to be this girly, lingerie, strawberries and champagne type of girl. I used to make such plans for days like this, but I just want to sleep.

So... he wants me to come over tonight and I'm sure he will want to do something special, but I'm just not in the mood. He's been so patient throughout this whole thing and I feel like I at least owe him a romantic evening, but right now Redbox and sweatpants sound lovely.

Is it to just want to be by myself on V day or is this caregiving nonsense taking its full toll?

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Sometimes you just have to laugh. Life doesn't follow a calendar, nor do elderly parents even know you had planned a Valentine's day date (we had), or intentionally want to ruin it with a medical emergency. My husband is so patient, that instead of our fun party, he waited for me to run my mom to the doctor, run to the pharmacy, waited while I dealt with the kind of thing no daughter should have to do, and then while I made sure she was safe for the night. Romance? What's that? After five hours, I might have energy for a hug and a kiss. There's always tomorrow, because love doesn't take a vacation the day after. Here's to all the caregivers who deserve a backrub and support, and no pressure to be cute when you feel far from cute.

Mojo? Sounds like a coffee flavor at Starbacks :P

Ok, I know what you mean, I've had compassion fatigue for a long time, but always did like some flowers and candy... but sig other is no romantic... in fact, he said he will be home early tonight because of a college basketball game on TV. He is into sports so much that I think the next time he gets sicks, I will suggest he contact one of the coaches or a football quarterbacks to take care of him !!!

I don't know... I haven't had any mojo in so long I forgot what it is. Anyway... in your position I was shake off the dowdy caregiver duds and follow BF's lead. It may be just what you need to make you feel human again. Nothing is better for treating low-level depression than having a good time. No prescription needed. :)

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