Share I had to take ANOTHER day off to go through my official VA hearing on the fiduciary stuff, and guess what... They found ZERO evidence that there was misuse of any kind (shocking). I literally wasted HOURS gathering paperwork and receipts only to learn that if the Field Examiner that did my initial certification had done his job properly, I wouldn't have had to go through this. It's going to be a complete pain in the rear to have to set up a new account and write two checks, but that's where I am. It's literally been one thing after the other. I feel like I can't catch a break. Two steps forward, ten steps back. NO CHILD should have to go through this. The anger is really creeping back up. I'm gonna take a couple of days completely away from Dad (no calls, no visits) just to try to gather my thoughts and calm down.

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I sympathize. I went thru the A&A thing only to be told Mom made over 13k. She made 20k and that and 48k were going to her care in an AL at 5k a month. Her SS was keeping up a house I was trying to sell. The 48 would be gone in a year. They had all the AL info. 13k who can live off of 13k. By that time Mom had to apply for Medicaid and both cannot be used. So I dropped the A&A application. Been filling out other people's forms for years. Nephew getting him a Special Needs Trust, SS and now DDD help. Then all Moms stuff. I thought when I retired I wouldn't have to think.

Sounds like a good plan. Take 2 days "off."

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