Just an update. The solution I came up with is I purchased the product below and it works perfectly and the issue at the ALF (my mother couldn't hear the fire alarm at times) has been resolved. I figured I would post it in case it may benefit others. To solve for my mother not being able to hear the fire alarm which is listed below(which she can a little better now as she had some wax in hear ears removed and assuming the facility stays on top of replacing the hearing aid batteries for her): Serene Innovations CentralAlert Notifications System Receiver CA-360 (this is the base) and it comes with a bed shaker that I tape to the mattress under the ( this is to wake her at night. The unit also has alarms (which I shut off as she can't hear them) and a flasher, which I leave on and have set up under her TV so she can see it at all times. CentralAlert Audio Alarm Sensor CA-AX- this is the transmitter that sends a signal to the base when the fire alarm goes off. CentralAlert Wearable Personal Notification Receiver/Pager CA-PX - This is worn during the day and if the fire alarm goes off a signal is sent from the base and the pager flashes and vibrates (it also has sound but this is no benefit to my mother). CentralAlert Portable Remote Receiver CA-RX - This works similar to the pager but I have it set up in the bathroom so it flashes. This covers when my mother goes in the bathroom at night or early morning and doesn't have the pager on yet. Hope this helps! The system can be bought in parts, or some items are packaged together and if you search for it there are various sites that have them which you can check and compare prices. It was very easy to set up. What I really liked is it worked with the alarm system in the facility (or your own home smoke/fire detectors), it is not a product where you have to buy their smoke/fire detector also.

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Thanks for the update. Very interesting information.

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