She unwittingly helped us out. She fell Wednesday night while my husband was helping her to the bathroom. They next day, she couldn't get out of bed and called the paramedics. The hospital did x-rays and thankfully nothing was broken/fractured. She asked to be admitted so she can go to rehab and then come home. So, when we get back from vacation, we have to let her know that her options are to either stay at the facility where she is getting rehab (it has 2 long term care units) or, if she can get strong enough, she can transfer to an ALF.

Thank you all for your responses and the advice you have given.

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Sounds like a perfect plan.
Enjoy your vacation

Sounds like a plan!

I am glad to hear that she will be getting the care she needs and you can go back to being her son and daughter in law.

Help her to participate in activities and meet new friends, this will help with the transition.

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