Haven't been on here in some time. Wanted to update a few people. My Mom has improved greatly since I discovered a med she had hidden. After the last fall back in October, and the ER thinking she may have a fractured hip, I was able to come home one evening while my husband stayed with my Mother. I went through her nightstand and found a med I didn't know she had even though I had went through everything, or I thought. I removed the medication. No more blacking out, falling, unstable walking, she doesn't even use a cane. She has improved a lot. Strong in her walking and taking a walk down the dirt road. She does have pain ever so often from her osteoporosis and scoliosis. We keep it under control for the most part. She does have a stage 4 pressure wound mainly from not eating well. A hospital bed, air mattress coming Wednesday. Think that will be a fight as she is not happy to not be able to sleep in her bed. She will then wear a wound vac since the pressure wound is wet deep inside. Mother is doing for herself even though I currently have 24/7 care for her since October. All they do is give her morning and night med's and some cleaning. I hired them because of her falling but it isn't happening anymore. They are being paid very well and I'm not sure I can justify keeping them at this point with home health there everyday and me and hubby living 2 minutes away. Her dementia is gradually worsening. Everything, key's to car, (she lost her wallet so no driver's license) medications in lockbox, I take her meals each day and can pick back up on giving her the morning and night med's and take her to appointments as well as checking on her throughout the day is something I'm considering but will speak to the Dr. at her next appointment this month. Amazing to see the difference after finding the medication she must have been eating like candy. Huge improvement but still some concerns. She doesn't like the sitters there all the time and her bank account is going down. I don't want her to face losing her home and land should she run out of money. I'm as tight as I can be to make it stretch. Maybe a trial period of a week or so would be good to see how she does. Just wanted to check back in with an update of those who were of help to me before and maybe get a few suggestions if we keep the sitters and her bank account is drained. I am on all of her accounts, pay the bills and such and the home/land is in Life Estate. Thanks for listening.

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