The elderly abuse lady came to check out my mom. She said we needed help so she was going to get some one to come out every other day and help with things. We showed her that the roof wasn't repaired since Harvey was here,and the step brother wouldn't give us,or anyone the name of the insurance company for the homeowners insurance. So she's going to send out contractor to repair the leaky roof and remove the black mold that's in several places. Since the ridgerow was ripped off, due to Havery. I called the S.B. and he said that he wasn't spending a penny on the place. And he hasn't. So there's some progress moving forward, also we've finally got a call back from and attorney, and we've schedule an appointment for consultation next we. I'll keep you posted on futher updates. Yes progress on the home front,what a break thru!

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What good news this is.

Glad to hear this! Sounds like you are getting a handle on things in a very difficult situation -- good for you!

That is good news.

Best of luck with the attorney.

I really pray that you can get your mom what she deserves from her marriage to your stepdad. 2nd marriages are difficult to maneuver when there is a death, greed tends to rule some people.

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