For 3 months I've posted about my brother's physical and mental decline. He eventually landed in an LTC facility after the hospital & rehab providers said he needed 24-hr care for the rest of his life. After a difficult period that included a psychotic break, he got better....dramatically better. The LTC doctor agrees, says the LTC level of care is no longer needed, and authorizes my brother's return to his own home (w/ some community-based help). I'm happy for my brother but have misgivings. No explanation for either the sudden decline OR the rapid improvement? No explanation for the LTC that was essential but now isn't?
I'll encourage him to get the full neuro-psych-cognitive assessment he wanted while he was "inside," but he'll probably resist now.
Deep thanks to those of you who endured my online panic attacks and actually provided excellent advice. (See ya next time.)

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I'm happy for the both of you regarding this improvement. I'm not sure if you are durable PoA for him, or guardian, but while he is in this good spot, you might want to have him sign you as a medical representative with any and all of his doctors HIPAA). This would allow you to freely and fully discuss his medical information with his doctors, and you can be in the loop when he can't advocate for himself.

Happy for your brother. He is fortunate to have a caring sister like you. Will pray that he continues to improve. I do understand your concerns though. I think I would push for a more detailed answer to his medical situation and also ask how you should proceed if things start to decline again.

Hugs for you. This had to be draining for you.

Hoping and praying that he remains stable and there is no next time.

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