The 11 year old picks at and cusses at my stepmom who has dementia; in return the 75 stepmom cusses and screams uncontrolably for hours at a time. This causes tremendous stress on my dad who is almost 80 and has a leaky heart valve. He has an ulcer and extreme shortness of breath. He also has a 20 year old grandaughter (sister of 11 yr old) who runs wild, has destroyed 3 vehicles of theirs and keeps hounding them for money all the time. The last incident almost took my dad over the edge. What should I do? I feel they are being abused. The mother of the children has abused them also by her drug addiction and disrespect. The father of the 11 year old lives and hour away. She spent the summer with her dad and step mom. During this time, my dad's wife has had no episodes of screaming and cussing. My parents do not seek medical help for their conditions. Stepmom urinates all over the house and has not bathed in 8 months. I am 4 hours away from where they live. I was there for 4 days last week and tried to get her to take a bath (offered my assistance but she refuses. Healthwise, my dad is on his last leg. What should I do?

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Call Elder Care for your area and report seniors in need of assistance. When the last of the barrel is scraped this is the avenue of last resort. But if it saves their lives and gives them some is probably worth it.

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