In the last couple of years, my mother and father live in the same household, but have been estranged off and on over the years. My father in the last decade has battled diabetes and recently, he became a dialysis patient. Recently, he left my mom to live with my uncle. He has named my uncle as the POA and my mom is very upset. They have been married for 50 years, in a community property state.

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Your father has indicated that he wants his brother to make decisions for him if he is incapacitated, or to carry out his decisions as long as he can make them. He has made this official. So, no, Mom won't be the one to make decisions for Dad.

Note that Uncle cannot make any decisions for Mom.

I think you need to stay neutral about this if you want to retain good relationships with both parents.

No, your mom will not be able to make decisions for your dad if uncle has the POA. I would just try to listen to your mom worry and complain about the change. Your dad may have had reasons to change it that even your mom dosen't know about. If they have gone through periods of estrangement then your dad may feels more comfortable with his brother being POA. He need to be assured that someone will help him when needed and he is afraid your mom won't. Just assure mom that uncle will take good care of your dad. Parent disagreements, stay out of them.

My question to my parents' circumstance is will my mother be able to make decisions for my father, even though my uncle has power of attorney?

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