They are living on her disability income of less than $600 per month. I have
helped him sign up for food stamps but the need way more help than they are receiving..I help as much as I can but she needs more care than he can
provide and it is killing him. He has severe medical problems himself. She
has fallen twice in the last 2 weeks and he is not strong enough to get her
to the doctor or hospital. I told him to call 911 but he rerfused saying that is for people in imminent danger. I gave him a couple phone #.s for ambulette service
but they have no way to pay them. I am afraid for both of them and don't know what to do. Our welfare system is so overfilled right now it is next to impossible
to reach them . This has been going on for years and keeps getting worse. .How can I help?My brother has applied for ss disability for himself due to severe copd and back porblems but was turned down.He should have had surgery years ago but can't leave her. He has tried to find work but again it would mean having to leave her alone.She nees help bathing and dressing and she can't make food for herself. totally dependant on him. Sooner or later we will be looking at a murder suicide if someone doesn't intervene,

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