86 Year old father with diabetes under control (addording to doctor). He's been complaining of clogged ears for over a year now. He is miserable when they are clogged, which is most of the time. His doc saw no signs of an infection in ears or sinus and gave him steroidal nasal sprays which he has taken but not helped the clogged ears. He has seen an ear, nose and throat specialist who would not give him any meds since he saw no sign of infection or fluid in the ears and actually told us he did not know why the ears are clogged. I am trying to get him to see another specialist.

Also, he has been having trouble swallowing pills and some foods. His doctor wanted him to have an xray of his throat months ago but he refused to do it. Now doctor wants his thyroid levels checked. He aslo complains of shortness of breath frequently. He won't tell is doctor and has warned me not to inform him either.
Oh, last but not least, he suffers from dementia to a degree. He is so fearful any tests could lead to a hospital stay and then a nursing home.

Could all of these symptoms be tied together?

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My wife and I are in a beautiful life care home. My wife has moderate dementia and it may be more than that, Suddenly, she has become very depressed and cries off and on much of the day. Frankly, I do not know where to start looking for help. I know this may sound strange that I don't know where to start, but I sure would appreciate some idea's from you all. Is this a part of dementia or is it something else ?

I can't answer the question but I would like to know if the clogged ears has anything to do with Alzheimer's because my mother has complained for over a year now about pressure in her ears. She has used the steroid nasal spray with no results. She had a procedure a few months ago call sinuplasty (sp?) where they go in the sinuses with a balloon to open the sinuses. They corrected a deviated spetum, and removed a polyp on the left side which was the side that bothered her most but she still complains there is no improvement. You could try having your father use the saline nasal sprays that moisturize the nasal passages. It's not a cure but can help relieve the pressure. Also try a cool mist humidifier in his room at night. My mother is a very negative person so nothing ever seems to relieve her symptoms and she refuses to adjust to acceptance of the situation. I think many people as they age, find the sinuses are easily irritated and become inflamed. I have read on this site about using a neti pot that can be purchased OTC at the drug stores or Wal-Mart. The problem with swallowing could be related to acid reflux and would need to be treated by a dr. If your father is a reasonable man, you could try explaining to him that no one can put him in a nursing home without his consent unless he has been certified as incompetent and your father does not sound to be anywhere near that. Shortness of breath can be caused by a variety of health issues such as copd, high blood pressure, heart problems, other lung diseases, and anxiety. I suggest you try explaining to him the extreme out come of not addressing his health issues, reassure him that a you will be there with him through all of it and if a hospital stay is required it will most likely be short and not involve rehab at a nursing facility. The sad truth is if he does not agree to follow through on tests or treatment, there is very little you can do without having legal authority over him physically and even then, it is very difficult to force an adult to have treatment. Good luck to you I hope you can find common ground with your father.

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