This group should be a safe haven where you can come to get help.
I recently did this, I had some great help but was also shocked.. Not at any advice I was given.. But the way I was spoken to by several members. Today I have logged on to see that I have been told if I can't take advice from a public forum then it's my fault. Advice I can take. Abuse I can't. I'm still deeply distressed about losing my mum and all I needed was some advice.. I miss my mum so much. If she were here she'd know what to do. To those that helped thank you. To the trolls that didn't... I hope you get treated the way you've treated me. That's all you deserve.
I'm not leaving and slamming the door, I'm leaving the group because I'm hurting so much already I don't need anymore.
All the best.

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I think she left the group.

If it made her feel bad why would you tell her you didn't see it?

Ava, I saw a post by you I think yesterday that you were unhappy with how you were responded to. I am sorry. I don't always look at names, because often our names are "made up", but I don't recall a post of your in which you asked a question that resulted in abuse.
You should do what makes you feel best in your time of grief; there well may be a forum you prefer and I think that there are several.
I am so sorry for your grief and hope you will heal.
Much good luck to you going forward.

Avalynn, I hope that your heart heals and that you find peace. It should be a safe place but all to often it is not.

I am sorry that you have been treated so poorly by these 2 posters. Truth and experience doesn't have to be harsh and judgmental. Unfortunately people feel justified in their behavior and will make others wrong before they ever accept responsibility and apologize.

Great big warm hug for all you do and all you have done. Your family is blessed to have you. 🤗

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