Traveling with an elderly parent.

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My mother is quite debilitated but really wants to see Yellowstone National Park. My wife and I are planning a trip with her for September. We are renting a small RV for the travel and of course, will be bringing wheelchair, walker, etc. What other things should we be considering as we prepare for this trip?


If you are POA bring those papers and any other legal papers you have regarding your mom (Advanced Directive, guardianship, etc).
What a wonderful trip for your mother, hope everything works out well.

One thing you might want to check out is if your mother can use the bathroom in the RV.... some of those bathrooms are quite small, too small for someone to maneuver with a walker. Do you plan to sleep in the RV? If yes, you might want to break up the trip by staying every few days at a hotel. Unless your Mom is the adventurists type and doesn't mind using a camp ground shower :)

Bring full bottles of her medicine, in case you want to extend the trip or the return home is delayed. Of course, bring warm clothing for night time. Pack a lot of bottled water, and snacks galore.

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