At the end of the month we will be moving my mom to a nice skilled nursing place about 15 min from my house...she is currently 1 hour away one way. Since breaking her hip in April (it's healed now) she has really progressed in dementia. During the healing time we had 24/7 caregivers at the skilled nursing place..she was a huge fall risk. Due to financial considerations, she will not have the continuing 24/7 caregivers but we will be relying on the skilled nursing staff to take care of her.

We will be emptying out her independent living apartment she was living in before she broke her hip next week. She needs only her clothes and a few things at the new place. The new place is very nice...equivalent to the level where she is now. But new people and no 24/7 caregiver.

I'd like to know if there is some advice anyone has for how we should tell her she is moving closer to me and how we can make this transition easier for her. She will be going down in a vehicle where she can be transported the hour drive laying down. Sitting up in a care wrecks her fragile osteoporosis arthritic back. There is no chance of us doing a previsit to the new place...she could not tolerate the ride.

I'm also concerned about when she moves in. Like if she wakes up a night alone in her room, how we can make it so she knows that she is in the right place. Should I stay with her the first night to make sure everything is ok? Not sure how to get this done in a way that doesn't throw my mom into confusion and getting upset.

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Here are some articles that should help you prepare your mom for the transition to skilled nursing. (some of these say other facilities but these tips are good for any type of senior housing). Good Luck :)

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Senior Housing: The Emotional Side of Moving Your Elderly Parent

Hope these help,
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