Total care patient in home-setting assisted living.

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When we were scouting assisted living facilities last(?) year, we toured at least one that had a total care patient. This was a small AL in a house. I've brought this up at a couple of care conferences with the nursing home but they just give me blank stares back after mechanically stating that ALs don't take total care patients.

Is this facility unusual? I think not since its owned by an RN and has staff onsite. Also because the market is so competitive, it didn't surprise me at all.

Just wondering whether anyone has had experience with a small assisted living facility offering total care. Desperate to get parent out of the Heartless Health Care Center; don't see what they're doing that can't be done in a smaller setting.


A facility offering total care is not really an "assisted" living facility, is it? But who cares about the names -- if this is an option that you want for your loved one and they have an opening, go for it, whatever they call themselves.
I work in an A.L. facility we have MULTIPLE TOTAL CARE RESIDENTS! The staff is not trained properly because they do not have to be certified. This company is so desperate and greedy to keep beds full that they do not keep appropriate people. How do they get around the rules and regulations the govern assisted living versus convalescent? GREED!!
I have seen this, but, the residents were on Hospice and had an assigned attendant by their side at all times. (Not sure about night. I wasn't there at nighttime.)
My mom is under an assited living program butnot many hrs at all,but when they r there ,they help her a lot.they arenot approved for many hrs by the state which puts the bulk of the care on me, I love my mom but I'm tired and need help myself, at my sreaming point.
Not all are on hospice who are total care patients. We do not have the equipment, nor the training of staff. Very frustrating.
Many elders desire to remain in an AL that has become their home, but people need to take into consideration the level of care needed, especially at the end of life. Too often I have been told of staff that go home in tears because they just can not provide adequate care for the needs of a dying resident, especially when there is no family who can advocate for them.
Karrikon can you call in an anonymous complaint to their regulatory body? You won’t have to give your name. Your call can most likely trigger a state inspection which will help the center identify what they need to fix. If they fix it, they will stay in business and those poor residents’ well being will be better; if the center won’t they can mandate that the residents are transferred to another provider.
I just helped place a friend in a Board & Care home. They cook, clean her room, wash her clothes & give her meds. But they cannot give her an insulin shot. My friend can still give herself her insulin. They can fill the needle but they can't inject her. I believe only a nurse can do this.  At least in this home they can't.

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