About two year ago my mom fell she was 95 we found her about 24 hours later she was very confused we thought its was from the fall she didnt want to go to a ns so she moved in with us. she had some money in the bank which we used to remodel our bathroom so it would e handicap acessible and some oher things she also owned two homes one was to go to my son and daughter the other to me so the one that was to go to my kids they wanted to keep my son went ahead and gave his sister her part which he took out a loan we thought mom would liv e with me till she died well its been two years and we find out she has dementia bad and getting worse I: dont know /how much longer that I /can take care of her so now one house has a morgage and the other we live in so we cant put her on medicaid so what do i do tell my son we have to sell or put up the house im in on the market I have Parkinsons and cannot work my husbands on disabilty and cant work I know I really screwed up any thoughts on what to do now

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First, stop beating yourself up. You did what seemed best at the time. Now I agree with mrsribit that you need to see an attorney specializing in Elder Law. The fact that there is even a specialty in this subject should tell you that it is very complicated to navigate among the laws and regulations, and you can't feel too bad about decisions you made in good faith.

Sounds like you need to talk to a lawyer that specializes in this kind of thing. What do your kids think?

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