Dont be afraid. Prayer is good but it does not take care of the pain nor anxiety so many of our loved ones suffer at the end of life.

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I don't know of any religion that forbids hospice but I have run into people who do not understand about withholding food and water - they don't understand what is happening to the person as organs shut down. Like "I would die if I was starved..." but your organs are still functioning, not like a dying person who cannot process food and water. Also, there may be confusion about exactly how far along into active dying a loved one is. A patient rallying may lead to false hope. Better explanations would help.

It’s not about religions not allowing hospice. Like Segoline said, it’s the moral grounds of religion. There are people who are against hospice or afraid to use it because some hospice practices, such as withholding food and water at the end of life, goes against the moral grounds of their religion.

I can't imagine what religion doesn't allow hospice.

How can easing the death of a human being ever be frowned upon. We treat our animals better then that.

Hospice would be good if they provided more caregiving esp to family's who dont have a strong healthy caregiver to caregive 24/7 in home Hospice where most pts would prob like to pass at (not all though). It would be impossible for us to put my Dad into Hospice if he gets any worse. It would be at home because he has a " thing" about nursing homes fr his Mother dying in one after being there for like 15 yrs. R.A. severe. So no one to reposition Dad in bed or chg diaper (if bed ridden an it would prob come fast for him. To fast for my comfort level rt now) in bed. Or even lift a leg for pillows. If he were to fall fr being so drowsy on pain meds (uncontrolled pain rt now) who would pick him up? An we call Hospice not 911 an wait for nurse while Dad could be screaming in agony fr broke hip, femur etc...! He is 230lbs. Im 5'3 an 122lbs an Mom def cant do it. Nearer end someone would need to be there pretty much 24/7. I have a family, husband an sons at home. I would have to move in to caregive an give breakthrough comfort meds if needed at any time . Day or night. Now I know why some families decide on in pt care. An no extra money to hire a caregiver at that level (here in Tx prob over 25$ an hr). Its an difficult decision. An physically some families cant do the caregiving.

Well said and I agree. When we pray for God to ease the pain of our loved ones we need to be open to accepting the answer to our prayer in a form we may not expect. I believe that Hospice is often Gods answer to our plea.

Segoline, oh I hope others read your suggestion.

But sometimes it is hard to break a religious tradition. And on moral grounds, its like discussing politics, hard for people to change their minds.

I know I never heard of hospice until I joined this forum years ago. I researched everything I could find, and when it was time for my parents to use Hospice, I couldn't say "yes" fast enough. Neither parent suffered.

Also I have posted some things on the end of life thread, which may, I hope, May be informational.

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