We come here for fellow therapy and comfort, in the fact, you are not alone.

If we choose “Burnout” as our would appear we are living it.

That, as you know, makes us tried, true and field tested.....:)

The reason we are in this position.....matters not.

I believe, it is because, we have empathy.

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Ask any long time caregiver to be totally honest. Yes, I said, totally and completely honest...

Everyone, if they are truly honest will tell you they get sick of caregiving. Been at it full time since 2005 in my house. I’m tired! I get frustrated! I get depressed! I get lonely! See, we all feel like this from time to time. Good days, bad days, eh, ho hum flat out boring days, etc.

Vent all you want. We are here for you. Mega hugs!!!

It's not forever. Just feels like it. (o;

Hello fellow burn out.

Yes, I just got on this site to say simply "I don't want to take care of my precious mother anymore!!!!!" Sounds mean I know and I'll be fine in about half an hour, but right now, just don't want to do it. Perhaps I need my empathy dose as it is running low, but again in about 30 minutes my empathy tank will be filled again, almost to the top. So, until we meet again, once empathy runs low again, which it will...

Hang in there, this too shall pass, it's not forever.

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