They are a true blessing especially during hard times. It was so comforting today to see my longtime physician and confide in him my sadness of losing my father. He told me I am in perfect health and it’s okay to be sad and tired. Continue to let your feelings out... and he knew about this site. Feeling blessed... Wishing many blessings to my fellow caregivers. Thank you 🙏🏻

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Not all of the older generation of medical professionals are stuck in the dark ages.
Our primary is a PA and he keeps up with things. He is 74 and is there for us when needed. Sometimes I need to encourage or press him a little but he comes thru for us.
He will explain what needs to be explained to me and has no problems with referrals.
We have been with him for over fifteen years through three different supervising physicians. ( Long Story)

We've had some very good ones as well. I think the current generation of doctors is not only much more personal, but are also more progressive and responsive to the needs of the family. The old model of a doctor who knew everything and patted hands as a reassurance is fastly fading away.

One of the best is not only progressive, but innovative. Besides the usual diplomas in one section of the office, the individual rooms are host to paintings of one of the partners. The woman is a talented painter, and every room is made lovely by the graceful art she creates.

SpiritDancer (BTW, I love that name!), I'm glad you've had such good success with this doctor who seems to be a very personable doctor.

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