Right now her health is ok. And she isn't driving me crazy with her problems. I should be grateful. And I am. But next Sunday I am supposed to go to baseball game. And at the end of September my husband and I are going on vacation to a B26 reunion in another state and staying three extra days to sightsee. Dont know if Mom will end up in hospital during those times. And mess up my plans. Also have anxiety disorder. My anxiety is pretty low right now. But still have some anxiety about steeps and escalator at baseball game. And lost lugage on trip. Sort of tired of life. Wish I could live anxiety and stress free. Trying to live in the moment. Have been for a few months. Getting tired of life. My life is pretty good at the moment. I shouldn't feel this way. Especially compared to the past difficulties. Don't know why I feel like this.


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Yep....Whole bunch of us in this club. My dear wife is on the phone with my Mom right now. Talked to Dad first for 20 minutes. Bless her! They love talking to her, it's like fresh meat. We're 10 hours away and I call each day and sometimes need a break. We've been crisis free all summer! Nothing major anyway. Actually took a week long trip in July.

Advice to Haddnuf........Lay some good track before your trip. Get a caregiver lined up, spend some money, whatever it takes. YOU NEED THIS

The stress of being responsible for another adult human being when we are seniors ourselves takes a toll. Worrying about being able to take what we KNOW is well deserved off time almost makes it not worth the effort. So we what-if ourselves almost to death.

Make a sensible Plan B which includes someone ELSE being in charge of mom while you're gone. You should have a backup plan anyhow. What if the what-iffing causes you to drop over dead this evening? ;) ;)

Barbara, welcome to the club, there are many members. Every time the phone rings my stomach tightens up if I see it is my parent's Caller ID, wonder what might be wrong.... it is usually minor, but there have been calls in the past that required ER visits because Dad wouldn't use his cane or walker.

I think we are living in the world of "what ifs", and I don't think it will go away until our parents are on the other side.

I can't plan anything or go anywhere. I tried one time to be away for the weekend but was too stressed to enjoy myself wondering if my folks were ok. I couldn't hire anyone to watch over them because my parents believe they are fully independent being in their mid-90's living in a single family house. Plus they wouldn't let a stranger in the house, so that would have been mute anyway :P

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