Someone couldn't front the money for his storage unit when he split from his wife. So my husband loaned him the money. Another friend's 5th baby got stuck in the birth canal and needs financial support. Another friend can't pay for their loved one's/friend's funeralssss...another go fund me site----never ending. Another wants money to go to Romania with her church. I am a 69-1/2 year old woman! Even though this may not apply to elder care, I am coming up to a point where, yes, I will need elder care! I am tired of being everyone's bank!

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Cheribob: Except for certain instances, like my friend's 5th baby getting stuck in the birth canal (I did help fund part of her rehab, but that's it...only one time), this lady's "bank" is closed for peoples' business! I am sorry that your sister has the audacity to ask you to fund her husband's meds!

When people ask you for money tell them, I am sorry but it is impossible." When they press you for further details keep repeating,"It's impossible."

I have a sister who asked me for money 3 times last year. Her excuse is that it is for her husband's medicine. She knows how to work me. I couldn't live with myself if I refused her the money & my BIL died! Finally about a week or two after the last request I texted her. My text said,"Please don't ask me for money anymore because if you do the answer will be no." I felt better doing it that way. Now she is on notice that if she asks me for money the answer will be no.

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