I just don't get angry too often. Today is an exception.

Opened my account to be greeted by this "wonderful" comment:

"Ruth1957, Your comments are rude and abusive to the elderly. Legally you should be reported. Many elderly wake at night since as they age their circulation decreases and waking, using the bathroom is natural. Also, many elderly find the daytime heat too much, therefore they rest in the day and do a few things at night. I cared for my mother till she passed away at age 96. She was a joy!!!"

This was in response to my whining (in October of 2010!!!!) about the Colonel and his Mrs being up every hour and a half all night every night, drinking water and peeing and pooping, when they REFUSED to do those things during the day.

The Colonel passed away on my shift in February, 2011. I was then, and remain to this day, their very much-loved caregiver. I adore my dear Southern Belle. She has learned to drink water during the day. She's now up 2 -3 times, only, and back in bed within 6 minutes. We get along famously. I never did a thing to change this; she just finally figured it out. I did, eventually, stop doing overnight care while this nonsense went on. When the Colonel was obviously shutting down, I went to 70 hours plus per week. I listened to him all night with no regard for my own exhaustion. I loved him. I love them dearly..

I have NEVER abused anyone. I have never been abusive to them in any way. I think, if someone wanted to really offend or hurt me, they would accuse me of being abusive to the elderly in ANY way. Well, consider me officially deeply offended. Unbelievable.

Lesson: Take a second to figure out who you're talking to before you accuse them of something that, if true, could result in them being not only FIRED from their job, but sent to prison as well.

I'm what my mom would say - flabbergasted.

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