Tips for caregivers.


Do you have tips about caring that might help others. not the get some time out type tips but actual functioning tips of things you know or found out by accident whilst caring for your loved one

My super tip is when you clean a commode, if you place a piece of toilet tissue in the bottom of the commode and tip a little disinfectant on top it not just cleans but smells better than what it could smell like!

Need to scent the room after a smelly incident? Put a little fabric softener in a large bowl and pour on hot water (boiling if it is safe to do so) then place it near the area and soon the room will be blessed with a much sweeter fragrance.

I also found an amazing sanitary bin that disposes of incontinence pads without smells (OK I am obsessed about smells I admit it) google easiseal or sangenic....such a simple idea and brilliant for stopping that ghastly odour leaking into a room.

If you have trouble with bins (and we have 3 dotted around the flaming room) try taping a brown paper bag to a table and they can dispose of tissues easily

Alternatively hang an old shoulder bag that is no longer usable over the arm of the chair

Worried about spills on the carpet use a length of clear plastic under the commode but remember to sanitise that too

Home made sanitiser anyone? Get a little squeeze tube with a removable lid - ( I use the travel cosmetic tubes) and add the following: 3 TB aloe vera, 2 TB witch hazel or rubbing alcohol (I like witch hazel and moreover Mum does it reminds her of her childhood, if you do opt for alcohol reduce to 1 TB, ½ tsp vitamin E oil
16 drops tea tree essential oil 5% dilution, 8 drops lavender essential oil 5% dilution. Shake and use but remember it is only for when soap and water ISNT available - there is no substitute for proper hand washing.


So get your thinking caps on - what little tricks do you use to make life a tiny bit easier/cheaper/pleasant

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As for smells ( I hate them too!) at work we sometimes sprinkle some peppermint oil on cotton balls or pads and put them around where they won't stain. It is a very strong but clean scent!
My mom is always cold, so we have light throws on almost all the sitable furniture backs. She can just grab one and wrap up. Plus they are easily washed if the cat / dog sheds on them.
Sippy cups were a "spill saver" when dad was still with us.

Here's one that I thought was pretty good, but I haven't had to try it yet.

If you have a bedside commode and your bedroom is carpeted I can imagine the frustration of trying to keep the carpet clean. Try putting down one of those heavy weight floor protectors meant to go under office chairs, they are a good size and won't curl up so they won't be a tripping hazard.

Yes, and if you have a pooch, always blame any bad odors on the dog!

If your loved one isn't too large you can use the little bags meant for picking up after your pooch to dispose of their incontinence pads and briefs, no need to tie just twist a few times and put in the garbage. Powdered kitty litter deodorizer can be sprinkled in on top.

Jumping out of bed for the next crisis?
Put a little witch hazel, touch of hair conditioner, in spray bottle with water. Spray, brush or comb your hair on the way to answer the door.

Label all your spray bottles, so as not to mix them up.

Ages 90+, never gave away 90+ wipes boxes. Lol. Maybe I should?

Baby wipes, actually gave these to some 90+ senior neighbors. They found their own uses, then asked for more.

Wipe the bum, put in miniature fold-over sandwich bags, toss in trash.
. (Note: the senior cannot close the zip-lock bags.)

Use larger baggies for disposing of depends. But then that increases the cost,
Depends upon how big the baggie.

Melaleuca Oil is tea tree oil.

Pre-spray the inside toilet bowl with a very dilute mix of water and a fragrant or hygienic essential oil, a few drops, such as orange, lemon, or oregano oil. The oils coat the surface, and somehow prevent escaping odors. When flushed, some good odors ariate into the room. Not to worry about such a small amount of oil remaining in toilet, such as Melaleuca oil is used to disinfect! Choose an oil you like, it can get very strong.

Thanks, Jude for starting this thread!

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