her illness with the alzheimer's/dementia ilness ahas gotten worse she is getting love, care and support from the hosptial. Her body is shuting down. I am there every day. my one sone called and asked if I would go with him to say goodbye to grandma.He told her he love her , and cried his eyes out, he is 33 years. It is so hard just watching you can not do anyting, but be there to talk and give love. The doctor and hosptial staff are giving support. so is my husband. please say some pray for her to go in peace, just watching he pain she is going through is killing me. bless you all for your support. If she makes it until Mon Sept/ 28. 2009 the ssisiting living will be taking her back so she can die with dignity. patrica61

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yes carol they are setting the hospice care up for me, she will if god alows go back to the assisting living and the abagail is having every set up with hospice. You seem to be such a caring errson. That is why they call us caregivers. The hospital made it all sounded like a simple method of making it eaiser for her. But I knew that the test would not work just by looking in her eyes. she is not eating. and I will not let them get give the feeding tube or paddles. she has suffer for many years with the illness. I do accept the fact. But sometimes the hospitals do make it hard for the family, you have to be strong and to do the right thing with the right love and support and DIGNITY. She is getting it know. I had mom moved mom to another floor in the hospital after a large rounf table meeting high staff members.She is with the modt wonderful nurses and doctors. BLESS YOU. patricia61

Our hearts are with your Patricia. Many of us have had to watch this process and it is agonizing. I'm glad you have support through it all. Your faith will help you through it.

Can she go on hospice care? I'd set that up right now so she has it at the assisted living, if the hospital doesn't have her on it now. They are experts at helping people thorugh the death process with minimal pain and maximum dignity. You are a wonderful family and doing all you can. Blessings,

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